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White Adjustable Rebated Butt Hinge

Product Brand:   Polly Leisure
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Adjustable Rebated Butt Hinge 9-16mm All-In-One White

This hinge has been made to work as a replacement hinge for the many obsolete variations of rebate hinges fitted over the years. These rebated butt hinges are adjustable from 9mm to 16mm and are 122mm long

The hinge is able to cover most of the common fixing points and with a unique adjustable euro rebate hinge plate can be quickly and easily fitted to replace damaged or faulty hinge parts.

Fitting Tip: Remember this is a repair hinge to allow you to be able to replace the old type rebate door hinges which are no longer made in the 9mm & 11mm axis critical dimensions. If you use the frame part of the hinge as the datum point (basis for which you set up everything else from) you should be able to create a successful repair and restore your door back to working order.

Using the 3 predrilled screw holes on the existing outer frame you will find that the repair hinge should be able to be screwed into place on the outer frame. Please note that you will also need to drill 2 holes for the fixing pins also on the repair hinge which were not on the old existing frame hinge. Once done the new hinge will fit in situ. You will then set the opening door sash part of the hinge up to sit round the door sash (adjusting it to wrap round snugly by spinning the plate round and if necessary adjusting the Allen key setting (make sure all the new hinges are set up to the same settings).

Lastly screw the said plate into the groove within the door and ensure the screws are firmly fixed in place. Once done lift the door sash back onto the hinges and fix both parts together using the long hinge pins to do so. If necessary you can use the Allen key to make final adjustments to either slacken or tighten the door sash against the outer frame. place the hinge cover caps over to finish the installation.

- Die Cast Zinc / Aluminium
- Lateral Adjustment: +/- 2.0mm
- Euro grove position Adjustment: 9mm to 16mm
- Salt Spray BS EN 1670: 240 hrs

- Max. Sash weight: 80kg for 4 Hinges

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